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CBGB - Home of Underground Rock Shirt Shirt

1089 reviews
  • Model: SH000150
  • 363 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: CBGB

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This CBGB T-shirt features the classic logo on a black tee.


1089 reviews
  • By Gismo Egberti On 2017-11-20From my experience, this shirt is silk screened on unsubstantial cotton and will wear out more quickly than a shirt made of thicker material. That may be stating the obvious, but I know the tshirts I see sold at target, walmart for cheap are not very thick, and the quality is inferior to tshirts these stores offered 10-15 years ago. However, there are places, and they, of course charge more than the stores that buy their products from sweatshops in Bangladesh or sweatshops elsewhere, or they buy material that are from sweatshops that produce heavier, higher quality material, or, though I doubt it, they buy higher quality cotton fabric from places where labor laws are at least existent and more than nominally enforced, and, somehow offer their tshirt blanks at a price that may be higher, but still affordable.... those tshirts hold up better. It has got yo be hard to establish a loyal clientele with variability in supply quality. It seems some of the reviews here that laud the quality of their cbgb shirt must have gotten a shirt from a different batch than mine.
  • By MisanthropicGirl On 2017-11-20Always wanted one but could never afford for a long time. Bought this one for approximately $10. The cotton is thick, stitching looks fine, and the "tag" is printed right on the inside of the shirt which states "under license to Epic rights." No different than the ones I've seen, being a native New Yorker, sold at the actual club.
  • By TucsonGuy On 2017-11-20They should REALLY print these on American Apparel shirts instead of the generic truck-stop t-shirt quality Gildan shirts. The print quality seems good, but the shirt doesn't have the best quality fit and is a thick, almost abrasive material. I am 30 years old, work out 4x/week and have a pretty fit, muscular, athletic build and the sleeves on this shirt even fit big/loose on me. At the same time though, the neck is way too tight, the shirt is slightly too baggy and fairly short lengthwise. I can tell this is one of those shirts that will look alright the first time I wear it but after I was it will fade fast, shrink lengthwise and end up fitting like a moo-moo.
  • By Shrinkboy On 2017-11-20I had a couple of the real Tshirts (well, real-er, with the CBGB's logo sewn into the tag, thick cotton, etc) and this is thin, small without even being washed yet, and is just a design printed on a no-name brand shirt. I got 7 years out of the last one, don't think this will last anywhere close.No, I didn't expect Hilly to hand me one and give me a hug... just hoped it was a good as the other ones, and it's not.
  • By Shawn K. On 2017-11-20The fabric is that slick, shiny stuff. I assumed it would be cotton given the comments in the reviews.I should have listened and am planning on returning it as it is NOT as advertised. The logo looks like it was put on by a 5th grade child...maybe a 6th grader at best.The fit is bad. I ordered TWO sizes larger than I normally buy and it was still way too small.If I were to have this purchase to do over again, I wouldn't.
  • By whosyourmommy? On 2017-11-20Great Shirt! Runs a little large. Described as "Distressed Logo" which it wasn't, but I preferred it this way. Some people complaining that the fabric is too thick, but I feel this adds to it's authenticity. Not a fashion tee with the CBGB logo printed on it, more of a throw back to old school t-shirts when there were no variations on cut & fabric. Looks and feels identical to the now retired original I bought at CBGB's back in the day!
  • By Johhny Guitar On 2017-11-20this shirt has a logo that is way bigger that it appears in the amazon pic. Way too big and out of proportion. I had a cbgb shirt years a go and by the look of the pic thought it would be just like the ad. not so...
  • By J. Naftelberg On 2017-11-20Nice Tee shirt ... very acceptable but not totally awesome. The printing & design of decoration are excellent. The garment itself is OK - I personally prefer a top quality pre washed style of tee shirt & I think many vendors are hesitant to sell these garments as they begin to push pricing up... Over all I am satisfied ... but I am still looking for a better vintage/washed garment with similar attention to detail of design & printing.
  • By Peter T. On 2017-11-20Nice shirt. Hey man its CBGBs, it doesn't get any better.
  • By speedrack On 2017-11-20perfect .on time and great shirt

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 14 June, 2017.


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